A Healthy Home Dental Fluoride Treatment

This page describes a prescription topical dental fluoride gel for adult home use having health and comfort advantages over commercial preparations. Anyone can obtain this gel. If you have never used a fluoride gel before, expect a significant reduction in the number of new dental caries, tooth sensitivity, and gum disease. This gel does not remove plaque (the biofilm containing bacteria that builds up on teeth every day), so brushing with toothpaste and careful flossing should be continued daily, always before applying fluoride gel following the instructions below.

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Although experience has shown a general lack of side effects or other problems associated with the home use of dental fluoride gel, I require the following binding legal agreement to protect your dentist and myself. Please read this agreement carefully.

By filling this prescription or by using the gel described here, you indicate acceptance of all responsibility for said use and any consequences of said use, including but not limited to failure to follow all instructions given below. Further, you agree that you will hold your dentist (or doctor) and David Spector harmless and free from legal action of any kind related to the use of this gel, including without restriction lawsuit. No warranty, either expressed or implied, is herein conferred, including without restriction suitability for a specific individual or for purposes or usage other than as explicitly described herein. This agreement is subject to the provisions of applicable state and federal law.


This simple formulation is tasteless and transparent, will not stain teeth, and contains no preservatives, sugars, abrasives, or other needless or harmful ingredients (some preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and colorings can cause cancer when used over very long periods of time; slow-metabolized sugars such as mannitol, sorbitol, and xylitol can encourage dental caries and irritate the gut; and some abrasives can scratch teeth or gums which can damage tissues and encourage the growth of bacterial colonies).

Anyone can obtain this effective yet simple fluoride gel with your dentist's prescription (or validation of the provided prescription) from any compounding pharmacy. Expect a slightly higher cost per application than standard fluoride gels due to the need to compound this gel in small batches. A typical amount to order is 120 milliliter (ML), which may cost around $70 US. It is well worth the money in terms of effectiveness and relative safety. This amount should last for several months when used as directed.

Important: you must check with your dentist to make sure that home treatment with this gel is appropriate for your individual situation and to validate your a prescription. Individuals with allergies to any of the ingredients of this gel should not use it. Use of this gel is not a substitute for regular visits to the dentist or for regular brushing and flossing. Please read all of the instructions on this entire page.


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(Measurements are by weight)

Preparation and storage:

  1. Obtain another, smaller bottle with a dropper top. You will use this in your bathroom.
  2. Keep the main bottle in your refrigerator to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria due to the lack of preservatives. Never add anything to the main bottle.
  3. Pour a small amount (for several weeks of daily use at room temperature) from the main bottle into the smaller bottle, being careful not to touch the top or otherwise contaminate the contents of the main bottle.
  4. Optional: add a few drops of pure food flavoring such as orange or peppermint to the small bottle so you can sense the gel in your mouth.


After brushing and flossing, once per day (or as recommended by your dentist) drop 3 to 5 small drops (no more than 5 drops) from the small bottle onto your toothbrush and then apply to all tooth surfaces and to the junctions of teeth and gums. This should result in a thin, visible layer of foam. Try not to swallow any of the gel (although sodium fluoride is not poisonous to humans in small quantities, it is better to be safe than sorry).

Optionally, only if needed for greater effectiveness or if recommended by your dentist, let the applied gel sit in the mouth for up to two minutes (research shows that a longer application confers no additional advantage).

Spit out and keep spitting until your mouth is as dry as possible, to avoid unnecessary swallowing. Do not rinse. Do not eat or drink for at least 30 minutes to allow the gel to be absorbed; you may find it best to apply right before bedtime.

Don't forget to bring the small bottle of gel with you when you travel away from home.


Sodium fluoride, the active ingredient, is sometimes used--in far larger quantities, of course--as a rat poison, and some people believe (without well-conducted, replicated, and peer-reviewed clinical or research evidence) that sodium fluoride is harmful to the teeth and/or the general health and should not be used by people).

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