A Simple, Cheap, and Effective Underarm Deodorant

This page describes an easy and effective way to control underarm odor that avoids harmful and expensive commercial deodorants. It also avoids those ineffective yet expensive "natural" deodorants as well.

For most if not all of us, underarm odor is not caused by your body; it confers no known evolutionary advantage. It is actually generated by bacteria that live in or around the hair follicles, feeding on your secreted sweat. The treatment described here kills the bacteria, resulting in freedom from odor may last longer than that produced by expensive commercial deodorants. Odor will eventually return because some of these bacteria live too deep to be wiped out by any topical treatment, or will be acquired again from the environment.

Important: underarm odor can have medical causes. If odor does not go away, see a doctor. This treatment uses household chemicals. If you find these chemicals irritating, discontinue use immediately. This page is not a substitute for medical advice. No warranty, either expressed or implied, is herein conferred.


Not only is this treatment very effective, it does not cause the same kind of yellow stains on clothing as commercial deodorants.


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